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Our corporate parties are uniquely designed to support employee engagement and communication.

Employee Engagement Parties

As your company grows, the challenge of managing the resourcefulness and engagement of your employees does too.

Our Employee Engagement Parties offer fun ways to spark conversation across critical teammates and colleagues.

90 Minutes
50 People

New Hire Integration Parties

If you’re a business that boasts Millennials as a core segment of your workforce, you see the rising need for new ways to to communicate, teach, and connect with a generation that plays by a unique set of rules and incentives.

Our New Hire Integration Parties create a sense of immediate inclusiveness for new employees; accelerating the onboarding process, and enhancing company morale.

90 Minutes
50 People

Mentor-Mentee Enrichment Parties

Mentorship is not about selecting someone smarter than you; it's about finding someone you can respect and trust.

Our Mentor-Mentee Enrichment Parties identify and bring together critical parings between colleagues, while also incorporating thought-leaders from the Good Ones community.

90 Minutes
50 People

Sponsoring Employee Memberships

For qualifying employers: we offer Corporate Membership Packages that empower your team to build key business relationships through networking.

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